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What is our affiliate program?

If you run a website associated with sports or sports betting then our affiliate program could be very lucrative for you. We pay out for a FREE sign up to our popular daily newsletter. Its very easy to turn your traffic into money as its free for your visitor to sign up and the sales messages on our site do the work for you.

For every visitor you send through to us who then signs up to our daily newsletter we will intially give you 1.50p - if over time you prove to be a good generator of quality leads then we will normally look to up your commission level - we have some affilaites who we pay 2 for every sign up.

How do I know what I have earned?

The affiliate program is tracked by a first rate UK affiliate network called Paid on Results. Paid on results has excellent technology and is a market leader in terms of ethics and responsiveness to affiliates which is why we chose to put our program with them.

They also make merchants pre pay their accounts so you never have any payment headaches. Payments are made timely and swiftly unlike some affiliate networks.

You will have access to an online managment area where you will be able to view all the statistics you need as a modern affiliate and some which you will find are unique to Paid on Results.

A nice touch is the daily email they send out at midnight letting you know what is pending and approved on a daily basis to save you having to log in if you are busy.

How do I sign up and get started?

To apply for the program just click here and sign up to the Paid on Results network

Once you have signed up and logged on then just find our program in the directory under Free Horse Racing Tips and apply.


We reserve the right not to approve affiliates as we see fit but if you are running a sports themed website and have a reasonable standing in terms of website quality and search engine penetration then you won't be waiting very long for approval.

We look forward to working with you as a valued partner on our program.